Carrie Hanson – “25 to Watch” in 2012 by Dance Magazine

Chicago choreographer Carrie Hanson has it all: a probing mind, a social conscience, and a gift for pared-down, abstract dancemaking that nevertheless tells a story. “Infusing meaning into movement—that’s one of my core values,” she says. No navel-gazer, she increasingly sees choreography as “a means to explore and research and think about other topics, relevant […]

Carrie Hanson – “The Players: 50 People Who Really Perform for Chicago” 2012

Over their ten-year history, Carrie Hanson and her company The Seldoms have become associated with site-specific work. Last year’s “Stupormarket” used our beleaguered economy as its location, investigating the meltdown and making a case for Keynesian economics while being tremendously entertaining. This month, The Seldoms will present “This Is Not A Dance Concert” in the […]