Open Company Classes
Tuesdays, 12-1:15pm
Pulaski Park Field House, 1419 W Blackhawk

12/4, 11, 18 — Train with us in December!
Assistant Director Christina Gonzalez-Gillett masterfully leads a rigorous technique class with equal doses of humor and attention to detail. Conceptually focused around Rudolf Laban’s theories of movement practice and in the work of Irmgard Bartineff, Christina Gonzalez-Gillett blends her background in traditional forms of modern dance with release-based techniques to structure her classes. This focus builds and challenges participants’ physical strength and stamina and facilitates the discovery of dynamics within movement.


In Progress: Talk at the MCA
December 4, 6-8pm
Museum of Contemporary Art

Join us for Dance Dialogues, a program of Chicago Dancemakers Forum, in which past CDF Lab Artists lead artist-to-artist exchanges of movement, ideas, and process. Artistic Director Carrie Hanson (2005 CDF Lab Artist) joins with Adam Rose of Antibody Corporation (2014 CDF Lab Artist) in The Commons for an embodied conversation about their different art-making practices, and how they each use dance to contend with the spaces and places where they perform, and to encounter the audience within them.


“Dancing on Thin Ice”
January 31, 7pm
Rothko Chapel, Houston

The Rothko Chapel, in a co-presentation with Diverseworks, hosts The Seldoms for “Dancing on Thin Ice”, a performance and conversation about our climate crisis. The Seldoms will share an excerpt of Floe, our new dance theater work that explores madness, delusion, oil extraction, the vanishing of Arctic ice, and rising sea levels. Floe embodies the fragmentation of our global conversation on climate change as it veers from anti-science conspiracy theories to the very real impacts of global warming on communities from the Gulf Coast to the Arctic Circle.


The TOOLBOX Project

In July 2017, The Seldoms commenced TOOLBOX,  a project dedicated to process and invention. In this first phase, we traveled to Glasgow to work with visual artists Fraser Taylor, Frances Lightbound, Inês Coelho, Callum Rice and Doug Stapleton at House for an Art Lover  and The Workroom at Tramway and had a cross-disciplinary dialogue around how to translate visual art tactics into choreographic tactics. Artistic Director Carrie Hanson initiated TOOLBOX as a way to spark new ways of making. The visual artists come out of a wide set of practices including painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, performance, photography, collage and design. Together we shared our processes and terminologies that inform our respective practices, from which Hanson and the dancers assembled a list of action-based words that had resonance with the body,  aiming research around prompting movement within the individual’s body, a foundational impulse before moving into choreography. Toolbox will continue to be developed in exchanges with Chicago visual artists.

This project made possible by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s International Connections Fund.

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