Open Company Classes
Tuesdays, 12-1:15pm (resume on Feb 4)
Pulaski Park Field House, 1419 W Blackhawk
$10/class or $40/5 classes

For advanced and professional dancers.
We are in production Dec & Jan!  Classes will resume on Feb 4.
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Exit Disclaimer: Science and Fiction Ahead
December 12-15
Steppenwolf 1700 Theater, Chicago

Exit Disclaimer: Science & Fiction Ahead, The Seldoms’  2012 foray into climate change, crawls down the Internet rabbit hole of climate denier versus believer madness; it is a satirical work about the carnival of ideas that come to light when the skeptics and the “militantly eco-conscious” have their say. Employing their signature athletic dancing, and play with objects such as spatulas and an old-fashioned school desk turned on its side and hoisted in the air, the company articulates the absurdity and dogma of the extreme positions of the climate debate. The 2019 revision will include expanded text by collaborating playwright Seth Bockley. Sound design by Mikhail Fiksel, and lighting design by Julie E. Ballard.

Exit Disclaimer is presented as part of the LookOut Series — Steppenwolf’s performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form.



Floe is a dance theater work about climate instability: vanishing polar ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather, forced migration, the tension between denial and evidence, and adaptation and resilience. The performance work, by turns irreverent and elegiac, embodies the fragmentation of our global conversation on climate change as it veers from anti-science conspiracy theories to the very real and urgent impacts of global warming. With a stellar collaborating team: text by Seth Bockley, visual design by Bob Faust, projection by Liviu Pasare, sound design by Mikhail Fiksel, lighting design by Julie E. Ballard, and costume design by Jeff Hancock.

World Premiere
January 22-24, 2020
Wisconsin Union Theater


April 3-4, 2020
Aronoff Theater, Cincinnati


Chicago Premiere
April 22-25, 2020 (50th Anniversary of Earth Day!)
Art Institute of Chicago


Floe is supported by:
Lead Commissioner, Pam Crutchfield
Co-Commmissioner, Susan Manning
Commissioning Circle: Bonnie Brooks, Patti Eylar & Charles Gardner, Dawn Romei, Mara Georges


The TOOLBOX Project

In July 2017, The Seldoms commenced TOOLBOX,  a project dedicated to process and invention. In this first phase, we traveled to Glasgow to work with visual artists Fraser Taylor, Frances Lightbound, Inês Coelho, Callum Rice and Doug Stapleton at House for an Art Lover  and The Workroom at Tramway and had a cross-disciplinary dialogue around how to translate visual art tactics into choreographic tactics. Artistic Director Carrie Hanson initiated TOOLBOX as a way to spark new ways of making. The visual artists come out of a wide set of practices including painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, performance, photography, collage and design. Together we shared our processes and terminologies that inform our respective practices, from which Hanson and the dancers assembled a list of action-based words that had resonance with the body,  aiming research around prompting movement within the individual’s body, a foundational impulse before moving into choreography. Toolbox will continue to be developed in exchanges with Chicago visual artists.

This project made possible by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s International Connections Fund.

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