The Seldoms with WCdance – Chicago Tribune Review

Fresh takes in movement highlight WCdance program By Sid Smith, Special to the Tribune Carrie Hanson and the Seldoms are working with a troupe called WCdance, visiting here from Taiwan. The Seldoms will travel this fall to Taiwan, where the two troupes will perform together again. Meanwhile, WCdance is here now, playing with the Seldoms […]

This Is Not A Dance Concert: Chicago Tribune Review

The Seldoms celebrate at Harris by reaching out often. By Sid Smith, Special to the Tribune. Marking their 10th anniversary, the Seldoms celebrated over the weekend by converting the Harris Theater into their own deconstructionist romper room. Part performance and part guided tour, “This Is Not a Dance Concert” also reversed roles, or at least […]

Dissecting the Big Time: The Seldoms Turn the Harris into a Playground

Recommended Dance; New City. By Sharon Hoyer. A stirring dance show can make a body want to dance right out of the theater, swinging around railings and leaping down stairs. The Seldoms get to do just that as lobbies, stairwells, backstage, balconies, the primo seats and—why not?—the stage too, as every corner of the Harris […]

Carrie Hanson – “25 to Watch” in 2012 by Dance Magazine

Chicago choreographer Carrie Hanson has it all: a probing mind, a social conscience, and a gift for pared-down, abstract dancemaking that nevertheless tells a story. “Infusing meaning into movement—that’s one of my core values,” she says. No navel-gazer, she increasingly sees choreography as “a means to explore and research and think about other topics, relevant […]

Carrie Hanson – “The Players: 50 People Who Really Perform for Chicago” 2012

Over their ten-year history, Carrie Hanson and her company The Seldoms have become associated with site-specific work. Last year’s “Stupormarket” used our beleaguered economy as its location, investigating the meltdown and making a case for Keynesian economics while being tremendously entertaining. This month, The Seldoms will present “This Is Not A Dance Concert” in the […]

Stupormarket: Named Best of 2011

“Stupormarket,” the Seldoms, February, Stage 773. Carrie Hanson and company not only delivered sharp, entertaining dance, but shrewdly explored the financial meltdown and economic theory, down to and including voiceover commentary from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman as part of the soundtrack.

Stupormarket: A Sly Commentary On Economy

Stupormarket,” A One-Act Dance About Our Economic Meltdown, Is Just Plain Terrific, A Smart, Tireless Tour De Force Both Thoughtful And Entertaining…

Stupormarket: review

Carrie Hanson Takes Us On A Roller Coaster Ride That Recapitulates – And Reinvents – The Roller Coaster The Economy Has Been On For The Last Few Years. We Lurch Up The Hills Of Greed, Selfishness, And Ignorance; Slide, Shrieking, Down Into Reckless, Abandoned, Ridiculous Laughter; Clasp Each Other In Desperation, Need, And Shared Terror…

Stupormarket: Philip Elson Pelts It Out In The Seldoms’ Stupormarket

Choreographer Carrie Hanson, Artistic Director Of The Seldoms, Made Thrift And Death Of A (Prada) Salesman In 2009. The Two Short Works Spoke, With Poetry And Humor Respectively, To The Recent Credit Collapse. She Then Switched Gears To Complete Work On A Collaborative Multimedia Abstraction That Premiered At The MCA…

Marchland: A Spare But Visually Stunning Piece

In the Seldoms’ new “Marchland,” boundaries and alliances are formed only to be broken. Isolation from others and collaboration are equally unproductive; there is no equilibrium or security. No one is safe…

Marchland: Chicago Creatives Go Deep Into Each Other’s Territory

A long-gestating collaboration among seven artists from different disciplines, The Seldoms’s Marchland is a fairly huge piece even coming from a company known for producing large-scale work…

Marchland: Carrie Hanson And The Seldoms Is By No Means Routine

Carrie Hanson and her troupe, the Seldoms, have never particularly sought institutional imprimatur. They trend toward the offbeat: Swimming pools and dank, cavernous South Side warehouses rank high on their list of past venues…